Health Tips

Useful Yoga Health Tips from Angel Sisters

Throughout our lives we are all faced with certain conditions that challenge us, often bringing physical discomfort and pain, lack of energy, ill-health, and even disease.  We all have our ‘trouble spots’ or physical ailments that we may be susceptible to.  The beauty of attending Yoga classes, is that Yoga can be used as a personal tool to help us seek relief from these conditions.  Yoga helps us to heal, realign and harmonise our body to overcome our ailments and prevent disease.  As well as attending Yoga classes, it is good to use tools such as the Art of Yoga Cards to develop a home Yoga practice.  At home you can personalise your practice to combine and rearrange Yoga sequences appropriate to your individual needs.

A ‘Yoga Health Tip’ for you to practise at home or in your Yoga classes…

After completing your asana practice, always lie down in the Corpse Pose (Savasana) for at least 10 minutes in final relaxation.  Also, remember to relax in one of the Yoga relaxation poses between asanas for enough time to allow the breath and heart-beat to return to normal.

Also, focus on relaxing whilst holding in asanas.  Do not clench the body, but relax and open.  Keep the face soft and the back of the neck passive.  Relax the tongue and the throat.  Do not clench your teeth.  Also notice your eyes have a soft gaze.  This relaxes the brain as well as the body.  If you lock the body with tension in a pose, you are unnecessarily straining which causes a drain of energy.  In asana practice we are aiming to generate and absorb energy, so relax in asana; otherwise, you are wasting energy.

Some good reasons to attend Yoga classes (or to use the Art of Yoga Cards to practise Yoga at home)…

Listed below are some ‘general’ rewards of Yoga:

  • work on all systems of the body simultaneously;
  • correct improper breathing habits;
  • increase muscle strength, tone and length;
  • improve flexibility and increase range of movement of the body;
  • improve physical strength of the whole body;
  • bring energy into the body (whereas other forms of physical exercise expel energy out of the body);
  • strengthen immune system;
  • normalise weight;
  • regulate blood pressure;
  • control and reduce stress;
  • enhance confidence and self-esteem;
  • improve concentration and focus;
  • meet like-minded people in Yoga classes;
  • improve quality of sleep;
  • encourage healthy lifestyle;
  • enhance emotional well-being;
  • connect with the ‘true Self’;
  • develop patience and compassion with ourselves and others;
  • realise our highest potential.